About me

My name is Edita and I am very pleased to meet you!

As an experienced CEO assistant, I bring an impressive expertise in supporting executives at the board level. My strong sense of organization and passion for efficiency drive me to bring order into life. Coordinating complex schedules comes as naturally to me as does my utmost reliability, discretion, and efficiency.

Moreover, I have completed a coaching training program at ZHAW in Zurich to further develop my skills in dealing with people and supporting others in achieving their goals. My empathetic nature and ability to help others make me a valuable support for my clients.

I grew up in Switzerland and am very familiar with the culture, language, and mentality. As a dual citizen, I am proud to unite my Swiss and Southern European roots. I appreciate Swiss precision, efficiency, and reliability, while my Southern European roots give me a rich cultural history, vibrant traditions, and a strong family bond. Together with my 11-year-old son, I call the beautiful Zurichsee home. I speak fluent German, English, Croatian, and Italian.

I used to dance ballet passionately. The elegant movement and discipline of ballet have not only given me excellent body control but also a deep appreciation for art and aesthetics. Even on stressful days, a touch of Dolce Vita is indispensable for me, whether it's through good music or a delicious dinner.