Marco is 48 years old, the owner of a small carpentry business, married, and has 2 children.

Before starting his workday, a variety of tasks run through his mind:

I should update my Instagram and post the new chairs there.
I need to search for a day or even private school for my youngest son and compare prices.
My mother will soon need a care facility or an age-appropriate apartment.
Also, the summer holidays are approaching, and I still need to book flights and a vacation rental in Italy.
This is where I come in: I can assist Marco with all these tasks. I estimate around 5 hours for these services, depending on the need and scope. This allows Marco to have more time for his business and family.

Jens, owner of a financial boutique with 20 employees, is in a partnership without children. He has a receptionist at the office who primarily takes care of clients and employees on-site.

Before starting his workday, he has a series of thoughts:

The Christmas dinner is coming up, and I should take care of the organization.
Digital marketing needs improvement.
The sports holidays are approaching. The dishwasher in the vacation home needs to be replaced, and the car needs servicing.
I need someone to assist me with booking and managing my calendar with all the complex appointments.
We're looking for a house in the area around Lake Zurich. Since my partner also works full-time, it would be ideal to have someone coordinate all aspects between real estate agents, banks, etc.
Here's where I come in: For these services, I would estimate 10 hours, which can be provided within a week or a month. This allows Jens to focus on his business and spend more time with his partner in his spare time.

Hanna and Niels, two expats with two children, are planning their move from Holland to Switzerland. Hanna has secured a position at a large bank, while Niels will work at a major industrial company.

Before starting their day, they have a variety of thoughts:

We urgently need to find an apartment or house in the area around Bern.
It's important to organize a kindergarten and a day school, possibly even a private school, for our children.
We need to register in Switzerland. What steps are required for this?
It would be sensible to hire a cleaning lady or perhaps even a gardener.
We need a moving company to transport us from Holland to Bern.
Here's where I come in: For these services, I estimate around 10 to 20 hours, depending on the need. Hanna and Niels have someone on-site who is familiar with the culture, authorities, and real estate market. This allows them to focus on wrapping up in Holland and starting anew in Switzerland.